Tigertron Announces Jupiter & Mars for PS4 And PSVR

By Mike Sousa on December 9, 2017, 8:15AM EDT

During the PlayStation Experience presentation, Tigertron and Sony announced Jupiter & Mars for PS4 and PlayStation VR.

Jupiter & Mars is an adventure game with both action and puzzle elements, set in a fantastic, futuristic, neon world where almost everything is underwater. Inspired by topics like climate change and plastic pollution, Jupiter & Mars is a thought-provoking game that simply inspires players to wonder “Could this happen?”.

Everywhere you look are sunken remnants of mankind’s past, populated by sea creatures big and small, and illuminated by evolved lifeforms that have assimilated into their being centuries worth of chemicals, plastics, metals and everything else humans have dumped in the oceans. While the world’s oceans have begun to reclaim and restore themselves, some particularly stubborn remnants of mankind’s technological past still remain. It’s up to our heroes, Jupiter and Mars, two evolved dolphins (one player-controlled, the other your hybrid player-controlled/AI partner) to make things right.

While it’s playable in non-VR, the game really shines when you put the headset on. You’re suddenly in a vibrant, pulsating underwater world where you’ll see familiar places in an all-new context, and that’s pretty exciting when you’re in a virtual reality setting. Tigerton is working to make this a 360-degree experience, offering equal parts visuals, audio, and haptic feedback.

Jupiter & Mars releases in May 2018.

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