XSEED Games Announces Zwei: The Arges Adventure for PC

By Mike Sousa on December 2, 2017, 3:22PM EDT

XSEED Games announced that Zwei: The Arges Adventure, the first entry in the Zwei series from developer Nihon Falcom, will be coming to PC via Steam, GOG, and The Humble Store by Humble Bundle this winter.

Originally released as Zwei!! in Japan on PC, PS2, and PSP, Zwei: The Arges Adventure is the direct predecessor to the recently released Zwei: The Ilvard Insurrection. This title is positively brimming with charm and character, combining a gorgeous, painterly 2D world filled with anime-style characters, strong action RPG mechanics, and self-aware dialogue from quirky characters who frequently find themselves in comedically over-the-top situations.

Set on the mysterious time-forgotten floating continent of Arges, Zwei: The Arges Adventure follows the exploits of socially awkward teenage step-siblings Pokkle and Pipiro as they find their monotonous, ho-hum village life rudely interrupted by a mysterious figure who steals six holy idols from the local shrine. The self-proclaimed “Archduke of Arges” tenders a hefty reward for their return, and our “brave” duo jumps at the chance to go find them – Pokkle for the glory, and Pipiro strictly for the cash moneys.

Their journey will take them to every last nook and cranny across the land and lead to confrontations with a wide variety of friends and foes, each more ludicrous than the last, as a sinister plot to revive an ancient “Demon Lord” unfolds and 500 years’ worth of history comes into focus. Can two 14-year-olds with limited abilities and almost no social skills truly save the day? Or is Arges just pretty much screwed?

Zwei: The Arges Adventure stands as the most feature-complete version of the game to date, reintegrating the majority of the PC-exclusive features that were lost in the Japanese console versions (including an Ys-themed typing tutor minigame, a challenging block puzzler minigame, and the “Pet Monitor” virtual pet system), boasting a wide variety of unlockables that include all-new content to further expand the already dynamic RPG experience, and even allowing players to select the PSP-version’s arranged soundtrack so they can hear a different take on the game’s stunning musical score.

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