Hidden Dragon Legend Now Available On Steam

By Mike Sousa on January 23, 2018, 1:43PM EDT

Oasis Games announced that its 2.5D Action Platforming game set in Imperial China, Hidden Dragon Legend, has launched for PC on Steam. You can check the launch trailer for the PC version below.

The PC release has been updated to make Hidden Dragon Legend a more inviting experience for new and novice players with rebuilt tutorials and beginner-friendly quick time events. Armed with even more battle moves and the ability to upgrade their characters, gamers can traverse the lands of ancient China with improved graphics including 60 FPS max frame rate. Those craving a more challenging experience can unlock new achievements and defeated warriors can choose to activate the Resurrection Mode, but decisions will need to be made wisely as doing so will deplete their full stock of medicine.

Set in Imperial China, Hidden Dragon Legend challenges players to battle fierce foes, perform acrobatics to avoid obstacles and enemies, build their character through a deep, RPG-style skill tree and solve puzzles in the heat of battle. Players will utilize all their skills while engaging in hack and slash combat and unleashing stunning combos. To succeed in the game, players will navigate their way through tough enemies, powerful bosses and Metroidvania-style puzzles. As they progress, players will build and customize their fighter for their preferred style through an extensive skill tree.

In the game world, competing factions vie to obtain a powerful object called the Dragon Cauldron, which grants inhuman powers at the cost of sanity and reason. When the player character finds he has been put under the spell of the Dragon Cauldron by a dark faction, making him a mere puppet forced to kill, he ventures forth to settle the score.

Hidden Dragon Legend is now available for PC via Steam for a limited-time with a 15% launch discount from its regular selling price of $14.99. Hidden Dragon Legend is also available on PS4. You can check out our review of the PS4 version of the game here.

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