The King of Fighters XIV Getting Four New Characters In April

By Mike Sousa on January 29, 2018, 11:26AM EDT

SNK Corporation announced today that The King of Fighters XIV is getting four new paid DLC characters in April 2018.

Oswald returns to the King of Fighters Series as the first of four new DLC characters to be released this April. Since his first appearance in King of Fighters XI, Oswald has become one of the most popular and requested KOF characters thanks to his unique fighting style and personality. Oswald is an old and very composed gentleman, and a former hitman very well-known in the underworld society. He has mastered the Karnoffel assassination art, and uses playing cards to slice and dice his opponents. As a veteran poker player, he never shows his hand.

News about the three other new participants will be revealed in the coming weeks.

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