Nightmare Boy Now Available On Nintendo Switch

By Mike Sousa on January 17, 2018, 10:41AM EDT

BadLand Games has announced that its action-adventure title Nightmare Boy is now available for Nintendo Switch.

Nightmare Boy puts players in the shoes of Billy, turned into the mysterious Rolo, who must survive his worst nightmares... and the bad dreams of other ten kids, also trapped in the same dark world. Each rescued kid will give Billy a new power that will help him survive that nightmare world; also, the other kids lost in their nightmares will add their own stories to the storyline, with a glympse of the seamy reasons why they're trapped there. The player will have to wonder which are those dark reasons...

Nightmare Boy mixes cartoon visuals with classic 2D pixel art. The game mixes adventure, exploration and platforms, and adds some classic metroidvania mechanics: big scenarios, splitted into different zones, most of them only accesible after getting the appropriate weapon or item. The Vanir Project has added a new element to the mix: you'll have to spend gems collected during the game in each save point, rewarding the boldest players while punishing the ones that saves all the time.

Nightmare Boy is available on the Nintendo eShop for $9.99.

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