Cities: Skylines Turns Three, Celebrates Five Million Copies Sold on PC

By Mike Sousa on March 12, 2018, 2:41PM EDT

Paradox Interactive's and Colossal Order's city builder, Cities: Skylines, turned three this Saturday, March 10. Paradox also announced that Cities: Skylines has sold over 5 million on PC alone. To celebrate these important milestones, has several surprises for fans, including some free DLC.

Cities: Skylines players are getting a new unique Rocket City building called Xchirp Launcher, an astronaut Chirper, and a new free radio station - Official Mars Radio. As Paradox gears up for the release of Surviving Mars on March 15th, all Cities owners will also get 10 percent off pre-orders on Steam.

During these past three years, Paradox and Colossal Order have released over 1,000 new features, such as leisure and tourism, landscaping, football, radio stations, concerts, helicopters, ferries, monorails, cable cars, blimps and so much more. Although the developer have sure delivered lots of new content, Paradox states that the players in the Cities community are the true big content producers, supplying more than 144,000 mods to-date. All sorts of user-generated maps, scenarios and assets are available in the Steam Workshop for free.

Cities: Skylines is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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