Musynx Launches On June 19 For Nintendo Switch, PS4, And PS Vita

By Mike Sousa on April 19, 2018, 6:34AM EDT

PM Studios announced that their latest music game, Musynx, is releasing in North America for Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PS Vita on the 19th of June. The developer also released a new trailer that showcases some of the bests beats of the game.

Originally developed and published as a mobile app, Musynx has received overwhelmingly positive reviews and fan feedback from all over the world. With more than 50 songs to choose from, Musynx is the next destination of choice for rhythm game fans to rock out and stretch their rhythmic fingers. The simple, organic game mechanics will put players to the test with rhythms and beats like no other. With multiple difficulty levels and a huge range of genres to choose from (pop, classical, trance, vocaloid, R&B, and more), players will have a lot to choose from.

Key Features:

  • Switch up the Music! – Rock out to over 50 tracks on Nintendo Switch, featuring genres like pop, rock, trance, R&B, classical, and more!
  • Test Your Rhythm! – Simple yet challenging gameplay will put your rhythm to the ultimate test!
  • Become the Melody Maestro! – Each button press plays part of the song – tapping to the rhythm is the key to a complete musical experience!
  • How Do You Like Your Music? – Easy, Hard, and even “Inferno” – you have full control over how you want to play!
  • Pump Up the Artwork! – Each track has a unique artistic presentation to get you amped up along with the music!

Musynx will be available physically and digitally for Nintendo Switch, with the first 5,000 physical copies featuring limited edition package art. The game will be available digitally for PS4 and PS Vita, with the physical release set for a later date.

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