Multiplayer Survival Game Disdoored Coming To Steam Early Access On May 31

By Mike Sousa on May 26, 2018, 3:35PM EDT

Developer Anton Riot and publisher Bitbox announced that Disdoored, its 100% handmade and hand-animated plasticine multiplayer survival game, is releasing on Steam Early Access on the 31st of May.

Mysterious Doors have riddled your peaceful land, bringing with them vicious monsters bent on smooshing the happy inhabitants that live there. A discovery in an ancient laboratory brings one final spark of light: Lily — a young, ravenous sapling that holds within her the key to defeating the oppressive Doors. Befriend and grow Lily by catering to her every whim to entice her to provide you with a super-powered weapon to take back the land and declare it completely Disdoored.

To survive this wobbly wonderland, players must establish a base, cultivate farmland, create defenses and amass an arsenal. Terrible beasts that are both hungry and highly-territorial pose a constant threat, but some can be domesticated and upgraded to create entirely new species. Players can brave the ever-changing and challenging world of Disdoored alone – or face it together, in up to four-person multiplayer.

The idea behind Disdoored came to me initially because it seemed like plasticine and video game design were a perfect union. Shifting from the game design and programming aspects of development, to the molding of the models, to taking still images and finally watching a physical creation come to life has been a wonderful experience. The whole team is so passionate about this game and we’re looking forward to sharing Disdoored with the world!

Anton Riot, Lead Developer for Disdoored

Key Features:

  • Completely Handmade and Hand-Animated: Enter a wild and weird procedurally-generated world that is 100% plasticine — everything on-screen was handmade. Each character, creature, weapon, tree, snail, giant mushroom — everything — was made by the developers and animated using stop motion techniques and over 20,000 photos taken in the process!
  • Farm Yourself: Will you become a peaceful farmer? Plant a plasticine plot and watch your farm come to life as you care for it, but watch out; even the most cautious farmer could grow up a vicious, man-eating pumpkin!
  • Or Arm Yourself: Become an adventurous explorer who takes the world by force. With an extensive variety of weaponry to find including bombs, grenades, swords and guns (including the Legendary Popcorn Gun or “TLPG” for short) the choice is yours to discover!
  • “Breed” a Snail the Gives Milk Like a Cow (that’s a thing!): Find clay creatures in the wild. Tame them, domesticate and upgrade their aggression, productivity. Then use goopy slimeballs to create entirely new species; lactating snails, horned hedgehogs or bizarre hog-like creatures — there are plenty of combinations to discover. Some will defend you on your dangerous journey while others produce farm goods.
  • Explore the Doors: Discover the mysteries of the Doors. With plenty of treasure behind each one, such as ancient artifacts, long-forgotten technologies … and even certain death! Who knows what you will find?

Disdoored will be available in Early Access for $19.99.

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