Swords & Soldiers II: Shawarmageddon Announced For PS4 and PC

By Mike Sousa on June 21, 2018, 11:04AM EDT

Developer Ronimo Games announced that Swords & Soldiers II, which was released back in 2015 on Nintendo Wii U, is coming to PS4 and PC via Steam as Swords & Soldiers II: Shawarmageddon. The critically acclaimed side-scrolling strategy game has been expanded with new achievements and maps, gameplay and campaign improvements, and online multiplayer.

Swords & Soldiers II Shawarmageddon is an action-packed real-time strategy experience, where tactical insight, planning, and timing are more important than maximizing your 'actions per minute.' It's an accessible game with charming graphics and lots of great jokes (or horrible ones, if you don't like puns), but don't let that fool you - it's also a great competitive game which features ample opportunity to surprise your opponents with creative strategies and ruthless counter-strategies.

To celebrate the announcement of Swords & Soldiers II Shawarmageddon, the original Swords & Soldiers HD is currently free on Steam for the next 24 hours. In addition, Ronimo Games also launched a Kickstarter campaign, which you can check out in the link below, that will see additional gameplay and cosmetic content added to the final release.

Swords & Soldiers II Shawarmageddon releases in September, and it will be available for $19.99.

Source: Kickstarter

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