Russian Subway Dogs Releases For PC On August 2

By Mike Sousa on July 19, 2018, 1:00PM EST

Developer Spooky Squid Games announced Russian Subway Dogs is releasing on the 2nd of August for PC. To celebrate the game's upcoming release, the developer has put together a video that tells the story of how Russian Subway Dogs came to be, looking back at the real-life dogs who learned to navigate the Moscow metro.

Based on the now-infamous dogs of the Moscow metro, Russian Subway Dogs is an action-arcade battle against the clock to consume as much food as possible. You play as a range of charming critters all looking to make it through another day on the Moscow metro. Eat shawarma, bark at vodka, and definitely don’t consume any chocolate as you rack up multipliers to keep your hunger levels at bay. Simple enough for a puppy to pick up but still packed with challenge, Russian Subway Dogs balances fast-paced gameplay with quick thinking as players face a constantly changing mix of enemies, items, and all manner of subterranean surprises.

Russian Subway Dogs is also releasing later this year on consoles and PS Vita.

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