We Happy Few Gets New Trailer And Screenshots

By Mike Sousa on July 14, 2018, 7:46AM EST

Developer Compulsion Games has released a new trailer for We Happy Few that give us an idea on how Wellington Wells's most notorious citizens live a Joyful life. The developer also released a few screenshots focused on the game's playable characters Arthur, Sallie and Ollie.

Arthur is a mild-mannered redactor at the Department of Printing, Recycling and Archives, and he is apologetic, self-effacing, and easily embarrassed. He wouldn’t warrant a second glance if he was sitting on a bench next to you... until the day he goes off his Joy, and gets chased out of his comfortable life in the Parade District into the abandoned Garden District. Forced to live off the scraps of our former civilization, Arthur must survive by scrounging, sneaking, and fighting in the ruins of Wellington Wells.

Sally is a brilliant chemist who keeps the rich and powerful supplied with powerful concoctions that no mere pharmacist can make. But Sally’s fabulousness is a front. She’s a survivor, wounded by her past. And she has secrets that would get her killed if they ever got out. Fortunately, she has other drugs that she can use, affording her the means to escape detection, evade capture, and take down even the toughest of enemies.

Ollie’s a mad Scotsman whose only companion is an invisible friend. Holed up in the bombed-out train station, and beset by Wastrels, no one in town likes Ollie, and Ollie likes no one in town. Having worked for the General many years ago, Ollie is a trained soldier, but his memory has become a "church made of cheese, and all the congregation’s mice". It isn’t until Ollie discovers a dark secret about the Victory Memorial Camp that he finds renewed purpose in his life.

We Happy Few releases on the 10th of August on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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