2D Platformer vridniX Now Available On Steam

By Mike Sousa on August 18, 2018, 6:31AM EDT

Publisher Deck13 and developer Uncanaut announced that their 2D platformer vridniX is now available on Steam.

vridniX is a hectic 2D platformer in which you play as a quick moving character who can't stop running and where you can rotate the levels to solve absurd jumping puzzles. Featuring a selfish brat of a hero, players will face off against over 100 levels and be challenged in some truly unique boss fights. Along the way, you will experience some seriously bizarre humor and gameplay that'll make all but the most hardened of players rage quit sooner or later — just to jump back into the action a few minutes later to give it another try.

vridniX is available on Steam for $9.99 with 20% off during its first week.

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