Daemonical Now Available On Steam

By Mike Sousa on August 16, 2018, 11:20AM EDT

Developer Fearem announced that its horrific asymmetrical multiplayer game, Daemonical, has released on PC via Steam. You can check out the game's launch trailer below.

Set on a remote island, up to five players start what is a scary and immersive struggle to stay alive in a 'match' for survival that starts at 4PM, followed shortly by a demon transformation occurring, which is randomly selected from the group of players. No one knows who the demon is, even the demon himself, until it is time to transform.

Daemonical presents differing gameplay depending if you play as Demon or Human which is played within a specified match time. The game commences with players spawning around what seems to be an altar area, with a skeleton perched on top of it but with bones clearly missing. The winning criteria for Humans is to find 4 ritual parts and bring them back, or run and hide until the morning, while the winning criteria for the Demon is to kill the 4 remaining humans before morning.

Throughout the task, humans can find weapons and tools to help them defend themselves in case of a demon attack. Humans will utilize a ritual cut on their left hand that will aid the player to find the missing ritual parts. Once found, the ritual bone will need to be picked up carefully, with each mistake gravely punished with a loud noise that attracts the demon. The demon has its own methods when searching for humans. Souls glow while distant, but once it gets closer, it must find and locate them manually.

Daemonical is available at $14.99/€12.99/£10.99.

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