FOX21 Secures The Rights To Develop Vampyr TV Series

By Mike Sousa on August 19, 2018, 9:51AM EDT

Publisher Focus Home Interactive has announced that FOX21 has secured the rights to Dontnod Entertainment's hit RPG video game, Vampyr, for Wonderland Sound & Vision and DJ2 Entertainment to adapt for television. Vampyr launched worldwide last June, with the game receiving a very positive reception from the media and players, and eventually selling over 450,000 copies in its first month.

We believe it is a fantastic premise for a television show. This is a new and exciting way for fans of the game, as well as the uninitiated, to enter and engage with Vampyr’s rich, deep story. We cannot wait to see how the talented team at FOX21 will bring out the darkly atmospheric universe of our game into television.

Dontnod CEO, Oskar Guilbert

Vampyr tells the story of Dr. Jonathan Reid, a famous surgeon and blood transfusion specialist freshly turned into a vampire after arriving back in his home city of London following the Great War. A man of logic and science, Reid’s firm beliefs are turned inside-out upon awakening to a once-hidden world of secret societies, ungodly creatures and ancient orders set upon ending his existence. All the while, London’s population crumbles under the pressure of a terrible disease – and Dr. Reid may be the city’s last hope to stop it.

Vampyr is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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