The Endless Mission Beta Begins This September

By Mike Sousa on August 17, 2018, 11:07AM EDT

Developer and publisher E-Line Media announced that the beta for its sandbox-style creation game, The Endless Mission, will launch on Steam this September. You can get a sneak peek of the upcoming beta in the teaser trailer below.

With its beta, The Endless Mission will empower players to play, mashup, modify, create, and share their own games across an ever-expanding range of genres - Platformer, Racing, and RTS will initially be available in the beta. This will provide gamers with powerful, Unity-driven game development tools, presented in an easy-to-navigate framework that is rewarding for gaming enthusiasts dipping into development for the first time and users with an extensive history of making their games something more.

The Endless Mission will launch in September with a Beta, followed by an Early Access launch in late 2018. E-Line Media will be showcasing the game at Booth #7317 at PAX West.

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