Battletech's 'Flashpoint' Expansion Releases On November 27th

By Mike Sousa on October 19, 2018, 1:39PM EDT

Paradox Interactive and Harebrained Schemes announced that Battletech's 'Flashpoint' expansion will launch on the 27th of November. Along with the release date, Harebrained Schemes also unveiled a new video where Mitch Gitelman, Battletech Game Director and co-founder of Harebrained Schemes, provides more details on the upcoming expansion.

Flashpoints are high-stakes branching short stories, comprised of procedural mercenary missions linked together with new crew conversations, special events, critical choices, and valuable rewards. To ramp up the intensity, some Flashpoint stories will feature “Consecutive Deployments” in which players won’t be able to repair their ‘Mechs between missions.

Key Features:

  • Flashpoints - Test your command skills in a series of action-packed short stories, completing extended contracts to earn big bonuses.
  • New Biome - Navigate a lush tropical beach environment, with sunny shores and just a pinch of alien flare, for good measure. Sunscreen optional.
  • New BattleMechs - Get your ‘Mech on with the armor-chopping power of the Hatchetman, the speed and versatility of the Crab, and the multi-range firepower of the Cyclops.
  • New Encounter - In “Target Acquisition”, you’ll put your light and medium ‘Mechs to good use by taking control of three territories on the map to prevail!

Paradox Interactive also unveiled that two new bundles are also available starting today: the Battletech Season Pass and the Battletech Mercenary Collection, a super-deluxe edition.

The new Season Pass includes all current game content, plus Flashpoint and the next two planned Battletech Expansions, at a discounted price of $49.99. In addition to Flashpoint, the Season Pass contains explosive metropolitan combat in the Urban Warfare expansion plus another unannounced expansion in the works for 2019. This week only, the Season Pass is 20% off its original price.

The super-deluxe Mercenary Collection is the ultimate Battletech bundle, including the Deluxe Digital Edition and the Season Pass, for access to all future expansions, in addition to all current game content. The Mercenary Collection is out now for $89.99.

Battletech's 'Flashpoint' is now available to pre-order on Steam, GOG, and Paradox Plaza for $19.99.

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