Supernatural RPG HellSign Now Available On Steam Early Access

By Mike Sousa on November 12, 2018, 5:24PM EDT

Ballistic Interactive announced that its supernatural RPG, Hellsign, is now available on Steam Early Access.

Blending in-depth location-based investigation and research, with nail-biting paranormal hunting action, you will experience the tension of stepping into the unknown, collecting clues, and trying to figure out what you’re up against and eliminating it before it takes you out.

Drawing influence from a wide range of paranormal monster of the week TV shows and spine-tingling survival horror games, HellSign features a diverse and horrifying cast of creatures to research and hunt down across procedurally generated locales that’ll leave you questioning whether you should have grabbed a flare or spectral projector.

The Early Access version of Hellsign will feature one of three chapters in Story mode, 3 bosses and 13 creatures to hunt, and around 10-12 hours of gameplay time. Players can expect the full version to include the story mode's remaining two chapters, 12+ bosses and 25+ creatures to hunt, 3+ job locations to investigate, enhancements and tweaks to core gameplay, and 40 hours of gameplay.

HellSign is available now on Steam Early Access for $14.99.

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