Brad Wong and Eliot Announced For Dead or Alive 6

By Mike Sousa on December 15, 2018, 5:51PM EDT

Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja have revealed that Brad Wong and Eliot will be returning in Dead or Alive 6. The two fighters bolster the announced lineup to 24 playable characters at launch.

Brad Wong, known as "The Drunken Fighter", is a master of Zui Ba Xian Quan. He uses his drunken style to confuse opponents while striking adversaries from unusual stances ranging from hand-standing and facing backwards to laying down on the ground. Wong spent years training in the remote mountains of China, until his master ordered him to begin a journey in search of a legendary liquor. After entering DOA’s third and fourth tournaments, he skipped the fifth; but the drunken boxer returns in Dead or Alive 6, looking to take out all comers.

Known as "The Apprentice of the Iron Fist", Eliot launches at opponents with a furious volley of consecutive Xingyi Quan attacks thanks to techniques learned from his master, Gen Fu. After participating in the fourth tournament, Eliot set off on a journey of self-discovery and martial arts training alongside Brad Wong; where Master Fu permitted Eliot to learn the legendary style of Xinyi Liuhe Quan. Eliot enters the sixth DOA tournament with the improved skill and confidence of a true first-rate martial artist.

Dead or Alive 6 launches on the 15th of February on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Console pre-order bonuses at select retailers include a bonus costume for Kasumi, and Nyotengu as a downloadable character available at launch.

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