IO Interactive Details Upcoming Free Live Content For Hitman 2

By Mike Sousa on December 13, 2018, 6:53AM EDT

Developer IO Interactive has released new details on the free live content coming to Hitman 2 this month, including new Contracts, Escalations and the next Elusive Target mission.

Here's a summary of what is in store for Agent 47:

  • New Featured Contracts: Occupational Hazards (Available Now) – All Featured Contracts are created by members of the community and then added to the game for all players to enjoy. For HITMAN 2, Featured Contracts will be chosen based on themes – and the first is ‘Occupational Hazards,’ as all contracts are focused on jobs, occupations and professions.
  • New Escalation Contract: The Aelwin Augment (13th Dec) – Escalation Contracts focus on how players can adapt their skills and playstyles to the various complications that can be thrown Agent 47’s way. This new Escalation Contract takes place on the mysterious Isle of Sgàil and it is sure to be a memorable visit.
  • Holiday Surprise! (16th Dec) – Stay tuned for a time-limited, Christmas-themed surprise coming later this month.
  • New Elusive Target: The Revolutionary (21st Dec) – A new Elusive Target will arrive in Santa Fortuna for 10 days, and you’ll be able to unlock the Casual Tourist with gloves suit if you manage to complete it. More details on this contract will be available in the coming weeks. In the meantime, check out the Elusive Target Rewards blog post for a full overview of the ET rewards.
  • New Escalation: The Turms Infatuation (27th Dec) – The month will be wrapped up (pun intended) with an Escalation Contract in Santa Fortuna.

Hitman 2 is available for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Source: IO Interactive

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