Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight and Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight Launches Today On PS4 And PS Vita

By Mike Sousa on December 4, 2018, 2:38PM EDT

Atlus has announced that Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight and Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight are now available for PS4 and PS Vita in the North America and Europe. The PS4 versions are available to purchase for $59.99 each, while the PS Vita versions are priced at $39.99.

In Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight and Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight, the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad (SEES) and the Phantom Thieves are each whisked away to a secret room, known only as Club Velvet. Upon awakening, each group finds themselves face-to-face with enigmatic Velvet Room residents and are forced to perform at a mysterious dance party, unaware of what lies ahead of them.

Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight and Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight features include:

  • Memorable Soundtrack - Return to the worlds of Persona 3 and Persona 5 and relive cherished memories with the games' most memorable songs by Shoji Meguro, composed by Ryota Kozuka, as well as all-new remixes by ATOLS, Lotus Juice, Taku Takahashi, Jazztronik, and more! Unlock a total of 25 fan-favorite tracks in each game.
  • Dancing! - Choose from several difficulty levels and dance alongside the members of SEES and the legendary Phantom Thieves in a customizable rhythm game experience. Characters can tear up the dance floor with a partner by performing well during a song and entering "Fever" mode; try out some of your favorite character combinations!
  • English and Japanese Voiceovers - Choose to listen to your favorite characters' voices in either English or Japanese with dual audio options! English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish subtitles are also available.
  • Social - In "Social," players can connect with their favorite characters and deepen their social bonds through conversations and mini-events. Fulfill character-specific conditions to unlock special events and unlock new items.
  • Collect Costumes - Collect and equip a variety of costumes and accessories to create an even flashier dance experience.

For more catchy songs and special costumes to deck out the cast of P3D and P5D, a significant amount of add-on content is now available to purchase, all of which are also available through several discounted Season Pass options. Here's all the details on the pricing and what each bundle includes:

  • P3D/P5D Song Season Pass (Both) – $/€24.99

    • P3D/P5D: “Tanaka’s Amazing Commodities (ATLUS Kozuka Remix)”
    • P3D/P5D: “Voice (ATLUS Tsuchiya Remix)” Koromaru on a Walk
    • P3D/P5D: “Memories of You”
    • P3D/P5D: “Battle Hymn of the Soul (PSB2017)”
    • P3D/P5D: “Heartful Cry (GAME SYMPHONY JAPAN)”
    • P3D/P5D: “Dance! (OP ver.)”
    • P3D/P5D: “Our Moment” (full version)
    • P3D/P5D: “Mass Destruction (PERSONA MUSIC FES 2013)”
    • P3D/P5D: “Shadow World (OP ver.)”
    • P3D/P5D: “Best Friends (OP ver.)”
    • P3D/P5D: “Break Out Of… (OP ver.)”
    • P3D/P5D: “changing me”
    • P3D/P5D: “Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There (OP ver.)”
    • P3D/P5D: P5A “BREAK IN TO BREAK OUT (OP ver.)”
    • P3D/P5D: “The Whims of Fate (PSB2017)”
    • P3D/P5D: “Life Will Change (GAME SYMPHONY JAPAN)”
    • P3D/P5D: P5A “INFINITY (ED ver.)”
    • P3D/P5D: “GROOVY” (full version)
    • Also includes the exclusive Persona Cinematic Selection Bundle:
    • Let’s Go! Phoenix Ranger Featherman
    • More Than One Heart
    • Fate is In Our Hands
    • Dream of Butterfly (OP ver.)
    • The Snow Queen (ATLUS Tsuchiya Remix)
    • unbreakable tie (OP ver.)
    • Opening (OP ver.)
    • Burn My Dread (OP ver.)
    • P3 fes (OP ver.)
    • Soul Phrase (OP ver.)
    • Pursuing My True Self (OP ver.)
    • MAZE OF LIFE (OP ver.)
  • P3D: Costume Season Pass (P3D Only) – $/€19.99

    • P3D: P4A/AU Set
    • P3D: Virtua Fighter Set
    • P3D: P4A/AU Set (alternate color)
    • P3D: Atlus Selection Set
    • P3D: Featherman Set
    • P3D: Race Queen Set
    • P3D: WEGO Collab Set
    • P3D: Original Crossdressing Set
  • P5D: Costume Season Pass (P5D Only) – $/€19.99

    • P5D: Catherine Set
    • P5D: Yakuza Set
    • P5D: Futaba’s Shujin Academy Uniform & Loungewear Set
    • P5D: Atlus Selection Set
    • P5D: Featherman Set
    • P5D: Race Queen Set
    • P5D: WEGO Collab Set
    • P5D: Original Crossdressing Set
    • P5D: Protagonist’s Life in the Attic Set
    • P5D: Heeho’s School Uniform
    • P5D: Sonic Suit
    • P5D: Trish Costume (Persona ver.)
    • P5D: Trish Costume (Persona 2 ver.)
    • P5D: Gouto-Douji Costume
  • P3D/P5D Accessory Season Pass (Both) – $/€19.99

    • P3D: Colored Wig Set
    • P3D: Colored Contacts Set
    • P5D: Colored Wig Set
    • P5D: Colored Contacts Set
    • P3D/P5D: Special Head Accessories Set
    • P3D/P5D: Picaresque Mouse Set
    • P3D/P5D: Chibi Investigation Team Set
    • P3D/P5D: Chibi SEES Set
    • P3D/P5D: Chibi Phantom Thieves Set
    • P3D/P5D: Chibi Velvet Room Residents + Zen & Rei Set
    • P3D/P5D: Special Wing Accessories Set

The Songs and Accessories bundles are out now, while the Costume Bundles will be available on the 11th of December.

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