Death end re;Quest Season Pass Revealed

By Mike Sousa on January 10, 2019, 10:10AM EDT

Idea Factory International has announced that the upcoming Death end re;Quest will have a Season Pass, which will be available individually for $19.99 ($14.99 for PS+ users). A Deluxe Bundle, which includes the game and the Season Pass, will be available at $74.99, with PS+ users getting 15% off the bundle and early access to the Summer Swimsuit Bundle.

The publisher also released a new batch of screenshots highlighting the Real World and the game's investigation mechanics. In Death end re;Quest, players must jump back from the World's Odyssey (W.O.D.) and into the real world to unfold the mysteries of Enigma Games and W.O.D. Meet a colorful cast in the Real World, through the lens of a visual novel, as they assist Arata in helping his dear friend, Shina, escape the terrifying World's Odyssey.

In addition, the official website has updated character information and introduces Arata's allies: Sumika Tokiwa, Natsuo Munakata, Rin Asukaze, and Lydia Nolan.

  • Sumika Tokiwa - A coworker of Arata and Shina's who works as a programmer on a project separate from World's Odyssey. As soon as she discovers that Shina, whom she considered to be a sister, was stuck inside of W.O.D., she teams up with Arata to extract her.
  • Natsuo Munakata - A former employee of Aggle, Inc. who left to begin his own business. While at Aggle, he worked as an account manager, overseeing Enigma Games' licensing and development with the Alice Engine.
  • Rin Asukaze - Head secretary to the CEO of Enigma Games. Whenever Arata has trouble, she often serves as a guide to illuminate the path ahead of him.
  • Lydia Nolan - A foreigner who works as a character designer for Enigma Games. She prides herself on being an otaku, flaunting her decked-out itabag and collection of figurines at her desk.

Death end re;Quest will launch exclusively on PS4 on the 19th of February in North America and on the 22nd of February in Europe.

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