Sharpshooter Sniper Rust VR Receives Major Content Update and Launches for HTC Vive

By Mike Sousa on January 10, 2019, 7:04AM EDT

Developer Zatun announced that its virtual reality sharpshooting game Sniper Rust VR has released for the HTC Vive. Alongside this new release, a revamped version of Sniper Rust VR is now available on Steam and Oculus Store, offering new content, improved visuals, enhanced gameplay, and additional support for leading VR headsets.

Sniper Rust VR puts players directly behind the scope of a highly-skilled hired gun, employed by a covert agency to put a stop to an impending global uprising at the hands of an armed militia. Featuring a mix of real-world and conceptual weapons, and eighteen heart-pounding levels set in the backdrop of four photorealistic settings — including ports, forests, mountains, deserts, and even ancient temples — Sniper Rust VR is an incredibly realistic, first-person sniping experience.

The new major content update for Sniper Rust VR features a multitude of enhancements and additions based on player feedback, starting with improved graphical fidelity as seen across the game’s globally-inspired levels and realistic weaponry. Sniper Rust VR now also features a new cover mechanic so that players can avoid enemy fire in between shots. Weapons come to life like never before with the addition of enhanced recoil effects observable on-screen and felt through the Oculus Touch or HTC Vive controllers. Returning players will also enjoy the addition of a new bonus level featuring a new enemy type and weapon. All-new achievements offer challenges for players to overcome with new skins to unlock as rewards.

Sniper Rust VR is now available for purchase for Windows PC on Steam, Viveport, and the Oculus Store for $9.99. A free version with limited content offers access to a shooting gallery and part of the game’s campaign and is available to download from each respective storefront.

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