Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn Prologue Now Available; Episode Ardyn Releases On March 26

By Mike Sousa on February 18, 2019, 5:56PM EDT

Square Enix has released Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn Prologue, the animated prologue to Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn. Square Enix also announced that Episode Ardyn, the final DLC episode for Final Fantasy XV, will launch on the 26th of March.

Episode Ardyn is set 35 years before the events of Final Fantasy XV. After being imprisoned for 2000 years, Ardyn Lucis Caelum is released by Verstael Besithia, a researcher belonging to the Empire of Niflheim. Freed from his torment, Ardyn discovers a certain truth and decides to take revenge upon the Kingdom of Lucis.

Finally, while Episodes Luna, Noctis and Aranea were cancelled, Square Enix announced a novel called "The Dawn of the Future", which will include the events that were set to appear in these episodes. The novel will release in Japan on the 25th of April, with a release date for the west yet to be revealed.

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