Total War: Three Kingdoms Delayed To May 23

By Mike Sousa on February 11, 2019, 5:55PM EDT

Creative Assembly announced that its highly anticipated strategy title Total War: Three Kingdoms has been delayed to the 23rd of May. The game was previously set to release early next month.

We're lucky to be in a position to do the right thing for our games, and in this case, it means taking the time to get everything ready for you. It's important that we give you a game that you can enjoy to the fullest, and we're excited for you to see what we have in store.

Rob Bartholomew, Studio Brand Director at Creative Assembly

Total War: Three Kingdoms is set in 190CE, a time in which China is in turmoil. The Han Dynasty crumbles before the child-emperor, who is a mere puppet for the tyrant Dong Zhuo. The brutal and oppressive regime’s power grows as the empire slips further into anarchy. Yet hope blossoms in the form of three heroes, sworn to brotherhood in the face of calamity. Warlords of great families follow suit, forming a fragile coalition in a bid to challenge Dong Zhuo’s remorseless rule. The future of China will be shaped by their hands, but personal ambition threatens their already crumbling alliance.

Total War: Three Kingdoms will be available for PC via Steam.

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