Monster Safari Announced for PC

By Mike Sousa on March 13, 2019, 3:40PM EDT

X.D. Network announced Monster Safari, a mix of monster zoo management simulation and safari exploration for PC. Monster Safari tasks players with raising adorable monsters and explore unknown continents to find new creatures, all in an effort to create the park of their dreams.

In Monster Safari, players are able to start off with either a preset zoo or a blank slate that they can sculpt into their ideal park. Hire employees to help maintain your grounds, but choose wisely, their actions can greatly affect the monster and attendee happiness.

Monster Safari lets players nurture powerful bonds with the creatures of the park. Players can help their monsters by choosing their habitat, meal choices, and introducing them to select events — all in an effort to make them distinct. Tending to your monsters doesn’t end there as players will need to help them meet their perfect mate. Help your monsters find Mr./Mrs. Right to create future generations of adorable creatures. Cute baby monsters have unique stats and a skill inheriting system — choose the perfect Mama and Papa to give their sweet babies unique skills.

Players can then lead out on an expedition to bring back unknown creatures from unexplored biomes. Everything from elvish monsters, stone giants, and legendary black dragons await in the uncharted territory of Monster Safari. As players explore, they’ll also unlock new decor, shops, and special events to help grow their park and monsters in completely new ways. It’s up to the player to manage this, their workers, park-goers, and new exploratory missions all in a fine-tuned management system that brings depth to the cutesy first blush impression of Monster Safari.

The zoo is not just a place for the players to collect monsters, it’s also an active park where guests will be cruising around and sightseeing your monstrosity museum. Guests are customers and customers spend cash. The park's business model simply wouldn't work without their money! You'll need to provide guests with restaurants, concession stands, souvenir shops, and even toilets to create a comfortable experience.

When the park meets certain conditions, special guests including VIPs, politicians, thieves, and poachers will make an appearance. You'll need to take special care of these guests and aid (or not) their survival. Surprisingly, getting eaten by monsters is not a strange thing at all in Monster Safari.

Monster Safari will launch into Early Access on PC this Spring.

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