The Red Lantern Announced For Nintendo Switch

By Mike Sousa on March 21, 2019, 4:54PM EDT

Developer Timberline Studios announced The Red Lantern for Nintendo Switch.

The Red Lantern is a roguelite, resource management narrative game that challenges players to survive the Alaskan tundra with a team of five sled dogs. The Musher becomes lost while training for the grueling Iditarod race and must fend off bears, resist frostbite and take care of the dogs while navigating the wilderness and trying to return home.

Key Features:

  • Survive the Alaskan tundra in this story-driven, roguelike adventure game as you find your way home.
  • Choose how you want to interact with the world, do you tackle it head on hunting everything that moves, or do you take a more cautious approach?
  • Discover the hundreds of unique encounters as you and your dogs explore the world.

The Red Lantern releases on Nintendo Switch in 2019.

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