Gal Metal Gets 5 Free DLC Tracks

By Mike Sousa on April 12, 2019, 6:00PM EST

XSEED Games announced that it has released the free “Bonus Tracks Vol. 1” DLC for its free-form rhythm game, Gal Metal.

Starting today, Gal Metal owners can download five free tracks – Show und Monotone, Roma Romance, Inokashira Rothbart, Symphonic 5, and Kichijoji Resistance. These songs are available on Nintendo eShop as separate downloads for the digital version of Gal Metal and the physical "World Tour Edition”. In addition, XSEED Games revealed that it will be releasing an additional set of five free DLC songs at a later date.

Gal Metal is a rhythm game designed for Nintendo Switch that turns the Joy-Con into drum sticks. Players will take hold of the Joy-Con and rock along with the music in order to repel would-be alien conquerors. This is accomplished by creating complex performances and racking up millions of points using personal free-form drumlines based on over a dozen different beats. With Nintendo Switch Pro Controller support on offer as well, players will be able to choose how they want to jam and earn metal power to use against these nefarious invaders in this uniquely adlib-friendly rhythm experience.

Gal Metal is out now on Nintendo Switch.

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