Idea Factory International Releases New Dialogue Screenshots For Dragon Star Varnir

By Mike Sousa on May 25, 2019, 2:12PM EDT

Idea Factory International has released a new batch of screenshots for Dragon Star Varnir that highlight the game's dialogue.

Along with the new screenshots, the game's official website has been updated with new character profiles for Zuba, Cosettia, Nyamo, and Gran.

  • Zuba: A witch who conducts research back at the den. She is consumed with her quest for knowledge. If you give her ingredients she seeks, she will grant you a reward. She has absolutely no interest in caring for anyone.
  • Cosettia: She is the keeper of the Witch's Workshop. This doll was made and enchanted by Zuba, and she has a habit of talking a little strangely. That said, she does her job very well and has knowledge of the most elusive elixirs.
  • Nyamo: Zuba's pet with a feisty mouth. It looks like a mix between a black cat and a bat, and it is the keeper of the second-hand shop.
  • Gran: Zephy's friend in the Knights of Requiem. He has a strong sense of justice and he always takes care of those in trouble. He has mixed feeling upon finding out that Zephy is now the target of the witch hunt.

Dragon Star Varnir releases for PS4 on the 11th of June in North America and on the 14th of June in Europe.

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