Lornsword Winter Chronicle Releases On Steam Early Access On May 30th

By Mike Sousa on May 12, 2019, 5:58AM EDT

Independent developer Tower Five announced that their story driven fantasy action strategy game Lornsword Winter Chronicle, will launch for PC via Steam Early Access on the 30th of May. Lornsword Winter Chronicle is the brainchild of a talented team of ex-Creative Assembly developers looking to bring their own unique flair to the action strategy genre, complete with fast moving combat.

Featuring a drop-in and drop-out cooperative mode that allows the player to team up with an ally for intense melee and ranged based combat against enemy factions, Lornsword Winter Chronicle is setting its sights on action RPG and action strategy fans with an experience that includes resource management, base building and upgrading, exploration and combat in a dynamic battlefield. Presented in a three-dimensional top down perspective, players will be judged by the decisions they make as a general on the battlefield, directly commanding soldiers and units, building their settlement, capturing mines, farms and searching for artifacts in detailed environments, that begins within a land of snow and ice.

Lornsword Winter Chronicle builds on the foundation of classic real time strategy gameplay with an engaging narrative and detailed graphics, but with a more direct and action based control system. Players will need to make some hard and fast choices about sustaining and growing their armies. Players will need to think on their feet in fast paced battles and decide if they should take the fight to the enemy as commander of an army alone or enlist the help of an ally through co-op play in the unfolding real-time tactical control of battles.

The Lornsword Early Access adventure begins with the prologue and first chapter, to be completed by two more chapters when the game launches later this year. The game will also be coming to PS4 and Xbox One later this year.

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