Neptunia Shooter Out Now on Steam

By Mike Sousa on May 23, 2019, 9:02AM EDT

Idea Factory International has announced that its 8-bit shoot ‘em up, Neptunia Shooter, is now available on Steam. To celebrate, the publisher released a launch screenshot batch that showcases different bullet-hell attacks players will experience, and two new gameplay trailers.

The two gameplay trailers introduce two of the six playable characters, Compa and Iffy. Each character has a unique attack that players must utilize to defeat incoming waves of Dogoos. Compa's attack allows her to shoot pills downward, while Iffy can shoot enemies coming from the left side of the screen. By switching characters on-the-fly and combining different character attacks, any player can become victorious.

Armed to the teeth, players begin as Neptune in an unworldly 8-bit space dimension ravaged by creatures who burst endless waves of bullets. Players will shoot, dodge, and defeat the boss in six unique bullet-hell worlds. After defeating each boss, they will join your mission, allowing you to switch characters and utilize their unique shooting abilities. Neptune and her friends must traverse through this shmup space dimension and defeat the last boss once and for all. Neptunia Shooter also includes an online leaderboard where players from around the world can duke it out and see who has the highest score.

Neptunia Shooter is available to purchase for $4.99. Steam users can grab Neptunia Shooter at a 20% weeklong launch discount.

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