Super Neptunia RPG Gets New Details On Elements, Goddess Form, And Break Attacks

By Mike Sousa on May 25, 2019, 3:05PM EDT

Idea Factory International has revealed further details on some gameplay elements of the upcoming Super Neptunia RPG, including Elements, Buffs/Debuffs, Goddess Form, and Break Attacks. In addition, the publisher also released some new screenshots that highlight Break Attacks.

Here's the new details on some of the gameplay elements of the game:

  • Elements: Skills have an Elemental type that can affect the damage that enemies and allies take. With a total of 9 Elements, players will need to prepare and set their skills accordingly to defeat any foe. An enemy can react to elements in three different ways: Weak, Absorb, and Resist. Players should note that if the elemental match-up is unfavorable, you can end up dealing zero damage, or even healing the enemy.
  • Goddess Form: Players can transform their CPUs into their Goddess Form when the Goddess Gauge is filled. The Goddess Gauge will increase as your CPU take damage from an enemy during battle. Transforming into their Goddess Form will change your CPU's appearance and also increase their stats.
  • Break Attacks: Each character can perform a character-specific special attack known as a Break Attack. Before you can cast your Break Attack, players will need to fill their Break Gauge, which increases every time you deal damage to an enemy. Once a slot is filled, players can pick one character to unload their Break Attack.

Super Neptunia RPG releases worldwide for PC on the 20th of June, with the PS4 and Nintendo Switch versions releasing on the 25th of June in North America and on the 28th of June in Europe.

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