Total War: Three Kingdoms Launches Today On PC

By Mike Sousa on May 23, 2019, 4:13PM EDT

SEGA announced that Total War: Three Kingdoms has launched today worldwide for PC.

Total War: Three Kingdoms plunges players into the epic power struggles between the warlords of 2nd Century China. Amid the collapse of the great Han Dynasty, the player takes centre-stage as one of these legendary leaders, tasked with establishing a mighty empire and unifying the nation.

The game offers players an evocative depiction of this turbulent age, and a host of new period-inspired tools to employ. With enhanced diplomacy, deeper levels of character interaction than ever before and thrilling opportunities for espionage, Three Kingdoms marks a major step forward for the Total War series.

Total War: Three Kingdoms is available on PC via Steam for $59.99.

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