Gabbuchi Chomps Out Now On PS4 And Steam

By Mike Sousa on July 18, 2019, 5:57PM EST

Aksys Games has announced that the tastefully tricky 2D action puzzler Gabbuchi has launched today on PS4 and PC via Steam. You watch the launch trailer below.

Gabbuchi is a challenging stage-clearing 2D action puzzler featuring a ravenous little creature who loves to eat blocks and food-particularly heart-shaped cookies! Players must work to solve 180 stages, finding ways to get the color-changing Gabbuchi to his favorite food by navigating a grid-like space filled with friendly red and white blocks. The more blocks Gabbuchi eats on his quest, the higher the player’s score-but be careful! If Gabbuchi eats the wrong block, he might not be able to complete the level. Players will put their puzzle-solving skills to the test in this fast-paced, addictive, and utterly adorable game.

Gabbuchi is available digitally for $7.99.

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