The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan Will Feature Multiplayer Modes

By Mike Sousa on July 15, 2019, 6:07PM EST

Bandai Namco has announced that The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan will allow players to team up to tackle horrors in online and offline multiplayer modes. All games from The Dark Pictures Anthology will feature two multiplayer modes in addition to the single player experience.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan allows you to share your story simultaneously with a friend in 2 Player online co-op. Both players will explore the world, make choices and actions that affect the outcome of the story and the fate of the characters you are playing. You can play through scenes from a different perspective to the single-player experience, sometimes together, sometimes apart in totally separate scenes revealing new information, locations and scares.

The game will also feature a "Movie Night" Mode. In this mode you can play locally in a group of up to 5 players with one controller, pass the pad and play the character of your choice in turn. Each player takes charge of the movement, decisions and choices of one of the five main characters Will you make decisions just to save your own character? Or try and keep everyone else alive? At the end of your playthrough, your actions and impacts throughout the playthrough will be judged – with achievements & rewards for each player

We’re delighted to reveal two very different multiplayer modes ahead of the launch of the first title in The Dark Pictures Anthology. We know from fan reactions to Until Dawn, that multiplayer was a massively desired feature for Man of Medan, so we’re sure players will love tackling the horrors of the world from new perspectives.

Pete Samuels, Executive Producer and Series Director for The Dark Pictures Anthology at Supermassive Games

The Dark Pictures Anthology - Man Of Medan releases on the 30th of August on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Those that pre-order Man of Medan will receive early access to the Curator's Cut from launch. This mode, available once players have completed the game, features scenes playable from the other characters' perspective, with brand new choices and decisions to make. You’ll be replaying the whole story from different viewpoints and influencing the outcomes in different ways. The Curator’s Cut will subsequently be available for free at a later date for all players.

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