Headliner: NoviNews Coming To Nintendo Switch This Summer

By Mike Sousa on August 11, 2019, 4:44PM EDT

Unbound Creations has announced that its acclaimed news editor sim Headliner: NoviNews is coming to Nintendo Switch.

Cast in the role of a “Headliner”, you operate as the chief editor of the country’s largest news publication. Acting as the voice of the publication, you must decide what stories to run, meet your quotas, keep your audience engaged, and make enough money to keep food in the dog bowl. Controversy equals clicks, and with the world in conflict, it’s up to you to cultivate the country’s culture through the court of public opinion.

Much of Headliner: NoviNews is set behind your desk, but every night ends with your custom made avatar walking home, observing how the stories you ran influenced the public. Which politicians will they support? Will a riot break out? How will you report on said riot? With geopolitical tensions at an all-time high, it’s never an easy decision being the Headliner!

Headliner: NoviNews releases this Summer.

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