Lornsword Winter Chronicle Coming To PS4 and Xbox One This Fall

By Mike Sousa on August 13, 2019, 5:49PM EST

Developer Tower Five announced that their story-driven fantasy action-strategy game Lornsword Winter Chronicle is coming to PS4 and Xbox One this Fall.

Lornsword Winter Chronicle combines real-time strategy gameplay with an engaging narrative and a direct and action-based control system designed with a gamepad in mind. Players take control of Corun, a young Lornknight placed in command of the small fortified town of Tulza in the southern province of the Lorn Empire. Explore a desolate, harsh world of snow and ice where clashes with rival factions are commonplace in the quest for dominance. In order to build your army and military strength, you’ll have to erect bases, gather food, and earn money to keep your forces adequately stocked.

Battles are fast and frenetic as combatants clash on a dynamic battlefield. Lornsword is a world where blades and bayonets clash with the dark magic of priests and shadow weavers, and where skilled range attacks by arrow or matchlock rifle deal damage from afar. The game supports local co-op, allowing players to bring in a friend to face the onslaught of oppressors. Players can diversify their attack strategy as they mete out battlefield justice up close and personal with their hero or summon their soldiers to attack a specific target in heated clashes.

Coinciding with the console launch, Lornsword Winter Chronicle will come out of Steam Early Access, unleashing the full adventure upon PC players. Players currently enrolled in the Xbox Insider Program can participate in previewing and providing feedback on the Lornsword Winter Chronicle demo in an initiative which begins today.

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