The Surge 2 Gets Preview Accolades Trailer

By Mike Sousa on August 16, 2019, 6:06PM EDT

With the release of The Surge 2 just one month away, press and influencers have had the chance to play the game, and the reception was positive. To celebrate, Focus Home Interactive has released a gorgeous Preview Accolades Trailer that teases some story elements and shows off just how exciting it has been to go hands-on early.

The Surge 2 keeps what fans and critics loved about the original – hardcore combat utilizing a unique, dynamic limb targeting system and deep character progression – while also expanding greatly upon the formula. The Surge 2 takes place in a brand new environment: a sprawling, devastated citywith larger and more ambitious level design, made possible by Deck13’s upgraded and improved engine.

Combat is more brutal and tactical than ever, with even more options thanks to an expanded limb targeting system. In addition, more abilities, weapons, implants, and drones give players a vast arsenal to build their character with, in their fight against the array of diverse new enemies and bosses.

The Surge 2 releases on the 24th of September on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Players who pre-order The Surge 2 at participating retailers will receive the URBN Gear Pack DLC for free, which includes an armor set, two weapons, one drone, one module, and a bonus online message icon. The Surge 2 Limited Edition is also available for pre-order, including an exclusive lenticular cover, an 8-page comic book, a massive double-sided poster and three lithographs.

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