Experience The Beginning of The End for Humanity in The Surge 2 Story Trailer

By Mike Sousa on September 16, 2019, 3:54PM EDT

Focus Home Interactive and developer Deck13 have released a new story trailer for their upcoming hardcore action-RPG The Surge 2. This latest entry begins after the deFrag nanovirus strikes following the launch of a Utopia rocket. In Jericho City, one lone warrior - you - must fight through hell, high water, and amnesia to discover the truth about the virus, the city, and much more.

In the new story trailer we meet our hero, and many of the inhabitants of Jericho City. Nano-cultists run rampant through the streets, harvesting everything they can from the environment for their mysterious ends. The government forces of A.I.D attempt to maintain a stranglehold on the city with violent means. All the while, Athena, a girl with whom you have a special connection, leads you through the streets to a destination unknown.

This mystery accompanies gameplay that refines and enhances the Surge formula, bringing new weapons, new gadgets, enhanced ranged combat, additional implants, and much more. Dismemberment and limb-targeting still form the backbone of how you fight, loot, and choose your loadout, but with more options than ever before.

The developer also released a new gameplay trailer that highlights the game's signature limb-targeting system, allowing players to rip and tear equipment from their foes using brutal executions.

The Surge 2 brings back The Surge’s acclaimed combat system, allowing you to target and weaken enemy armor points so you can take the equipment for yourself, or aim for a weak spot and finish the fights quickly. Each fight becomes a desperate risk-versus-reward decision, and you must utilize all the tools in your arsenal to survive, including a customizable combat drone, game-changing implants, a new directional parrying system and many more…

The Surge 2 releases on the 24th of September on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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