EarthNight Releases On December 3rd

By Mike Sousa on October 28, 2019, 6:37PM EDT

Developer Cleaversoft announced that their hand-drawn action platformer EarthNight is releasing on the 3rd of December on PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

EarthNight casts Stanley and Sydney as humanity’s last hope. Ever since dragons overtook Earth, mankind has lived in exile on space colonies orbiting the planet. Despite being faced with seemingly insurmountable odds, the unlikely duo—a sword-wielding freelance photographer and a young student blessed with ethereal superpowers—take it upon themselves to reclaim their home by skydiving through Earth’s atmosphere and striking back against the monsters below.

The two heroes approach their dragon-slaying mission with drastically different tactics. Stanley’s powerful legs allow him to make both high jumps and long leaps, while Sydney favors agility by making use of an air dash and double jump ability. Both heroes wield their bespoke skills to overcome hostile environments and push towards the vulnerable heads of their scaled serpentine foes.

Each EarthNight level features procedurally-generated dragons with multiple exits and secrets rewarding exploration. Slaying dragons grants Sydney and Stanley rewards like dragon eggs and other mysterious objects that unlock powerful upgrades. With the right tools, the duo can topple even the toughest opponents while moving through stages at breakneck speeds.

EarthNight will be available to purchase for $14.99/€13.99/£12.59.

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