Lost Ember Launches On November 22nd

By Mike Sousa on October 29, 2019, 8:43PM EDT

Mooneye Studios announced that its animal switching adventure Lost Ember is coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC via GOG and Steam on the 22nd of November. The game will be available to purchase for $29.99/£25.99/€29.99.

Lost Ember is a third-person exploration adventure title about a wolf who can inhabit all manner of animals, along with their spirit companion. Players will be able to control over a dozen different creatures, such as a hummingbird, a fish, a mountain goat and a parrot. Along the way, your spirit guide will narrate the tale of what happened to the lost human civilizations that once settled in these wild lands.

Experience the contrasting stories of the fall of mankind and the lush life in a world reclaimed by nature. Explore the land, sea, and air, as you possess any creature you come across to experience life from a whole new perspective. Fly through gargantuan canyon valleys as a parrot! Tumble through the grass as a wombat! Swim through shimmering lakes as a fish! Your journey will take you from densely wooded jungles, to lush rainforest canopies, to barren desert plains and archaic temples. Ultimately, you’ll discover a tale of loyalty, despair, and betrayal, as echoes of the lost Yanrana culture come to life in a lush wilderness devoid of man.

A Nintendo Switch version is also in development, with this version of the game releasing in the months to come.

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