Psikyo Shooting Stars Bravo Launches In February

By Mike Sousa on October 17, 2019, 6:08PM EDT

NIS America has announced that Psikyo Shooting Stars Bravo, one of two separate collections that bring together Psikyo's greatest hits, will launch on Nintendo Switch on the 18th of February in North America, and on the 21st of February in Europe.

Psikyo Shooting Stars Bravo will include the following titles:

  • Samurai Aces Episode I - The Shogun's daughter has been kidnapped by an evil cult, and it is up to six unlikely heroes to rescue her before she is sacrificed to resurrect a demon god!
  • Gunbrairch - A spin-off title of the "Gunbird" series, the young witch Marion and her anchor-wielding classmate Gurutan star in this charming game of colorful blocks.
  • Samurai Aces Episode II: Tengai - The militaristic cult Shinrano has captured the Shogun's daughter in order to sacrifice her to their demon god. The only ones that can stop them are a group of misfits that must rise up to become heroes!
  • Samurai Aces Episode III: Sengoku Cannon - The third installment marks the series' first venture outside of the arcade, bringing all the classic action and adventure to home consoles for the first time.
  • Gunbird - What do a witch girl, a robot, an adventurer with a jetpack, a martial artist, and a monkey warrior have in common? They all seek the pieces of a magic mirror in order to make a wish!
  • Gunbird 2 - Seven quirky warriors face a mighty challenge: claim the legendary potion of a divine god in order to fulfill their grandest wishes!

The first collection, Psikyo Shooting Stars Alpha, will launch on the 21st of January.

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