World War Z's Free 'Kill it with Fire' Update Adds Two New PvE missions

By Mike Sousa on October 29, 2019, 10:15PM EDT

Developer Saber Interactive has released the "Kill it With Fire" update for World War Z. New free content additions, including the highly anticipated Horde Mode Z, PvE crossplay support, and a new Special Zombie, are expected to arrive later this year.

Kicking off World War Z’s second season of free content, the Kill It With Fire update features two challenging new PvE missions: “Dead in the Water,” in which your survivors must execute a new escape plan after being stranded on New York’s Hudson River, and “Resurrection,” which will take your team deep into the dark tunnels below Moscow. The patch also includes a new flamethrower weapon, Halloween trinket, and the ability to prestige rank for special rewards.

Saber has also introduced the World War Z Season Pass , which bundles together all of Season 1 and 2’s current and upcoming DLC for 50% off the cost of all items purchased separately. The World War Z Season Pass includes:

  • The previously released Lobo and Biohazard DLC packs, available now.
  • A new set-piece episode and location featuring three PvE missions (expected spring 2020)
  • Several new weapon and character packs throughout the coming months

World War Z is out now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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