Crysis 2 Impressions

By Darryl Kaye on May 17, 2010, 6:35AM EDT

When Crysis came out a few years ago, it went beyond everyone's graphical expectations - it's still being used as a benchmark for graphics today. So when Crytek announced they were working on Crysis 2, graphical enthusiasts already started plotting their next gaming rigs. However, Crytek also announced that it wouldn't just be PC gamers that would get to experience Crysis 2, but PS3 and Xbox 360 gamers as well.

Graphics aren't the only thing being improved though, as Crytek are aware of the origin's shallow plot. Instead of taking place on a lesser known remote island, the game will now take place in New York, a decision that executive producer Nathan Camarillo states was the unanimous decision within the team. "We got down to New York and London, but New York has so much more character - it really showcases man's accomplishments in the last few centuries," said Nathan. He then went on to say that "There have been hundreds of stories set in New York before Crysis 2 and there will be hundreds more after Crysis 2."

Also realising that players used the nano-suit to create their own classes, Crytek are trying to emphasise and help players out a little more in Crysis 2 by enhancing the base abilities like jumping. Mixing different abilities has also been fine-tuned and the suit can also be customised with modules.

The demonstration of Crysis 2 that was witnessed at the recent EA Showcase took place in a New York that looked a bit worse for wear. Buildings were in flames, there was rubble everywhere and, as expected, the whole setting was visually outstanding. There was also a great level of destruction, so there's no harm done if players choose to destroy New York a bit more. Guns ripped through scenery and also ripped straight through opposing soldiers. Various types of machine guns, sniper rifles and shotguns were used throughout the demo, alongside some of the various powers, like stealth. The action certainly looked thrilling and the great thing about it is that with the ability to use nano powers, players can tackle the various scenarios in completely different ways depending on their tastes.

With a story that promises to actually be engaging, a setting that could inspire more interest and some gorgeous visuals, it looks like Crysis 2 is building up to surpass the original in every way. If the nano suit modifications help to make the whole gameplay experience much more exciting, then it's difficult to see where Crysis 2 could really go wrong.

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