E3 2010: Babysitting Mama Preview

By Nick Young on June 16, 2010, 4:43PM EDT

Majesco had two Mama games showcasing at their booth this year at E3, the first being Crafting Mama, and the second being Babysitting Mama.

Babysitting Mama is a Wii exclusive that will be encompassing all of the features that are typically found in the Mama games, namely mini-games. Before we go into gameplay, the first noticable feature of this game is it's peripheral which is basically a cuddly baby doll. The Wii-mote is then placed inside the 'child' from the back, it looks painful but the baby is completely fine with it, even with the Nunchuk attached.

Overlooking this feature is not hard, yes the baby has a long wire coming out of it's rear end but the gameplay is so ennticing it's not a problem. We weren't shown a whole lot of the game but we grasped the concept, the game is genuinely set for kids who want to play parent. The game lets players choose from 6 babies, each with different moods and attitudes to vary the experience.

We were only shown one small part of the game where all the player had to do was take pictures of their baby to earn points. Players can use the Nunchuk to simulate a rattle which in turn grabs the attention of the baby and makes them smile, the happier he/she is when the picture is taken, the bigger the points. The bigger the points, the more of a reward for the player.

The game is very cute and ideal for kids as the gameplay is very fun and simple, the Wii-mote pointer isn't even used at all in the game, that's how simple it is. The Majesco representative described the experience as, "All the joys of being a parent, but without the mess", this isn't far off of the truth. The game looks great, feels great and plays great, the only bad point i would like to make is that we simply didn't have enough time with it.

Babysitting Mama will be making it's way onto store shelves this holiday season with the cuddly doll included in the normal retail price.

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