E3 2010: Conduit 2 Preview

By Alex on June 17, 2010, 1:03PM EDT

Unveiled only a few months ago, High Voltage's upcoming FPS, Conduit 2, was shown to us at E3 2010. The team at High Voltage has had their ears to what the critics and forums have been saying and have taken that into consideration when putting Conduit 2 together.

As far as single player goes, High Voltage has added a longer story, as well as putting multiple paths into each level. One complaint was that the AI was extremely basic. While this is supposed to have been changed, it's tough to verify as the AI had been deliberately toned down for the demonstration. Boss battles have also been added in, (four, to be exact) and each boss will have multiple stages to the fight. For example, in the first battle Ford has to first shoot tendrils around the boss' neck before they are blasted off a turret, then shoot the boss in the mouth, and finally shoot it with an electric harpoon in two spots to create a circuit and kill it.

The weapons have changed, too. Each gun in the game has been tweaked to some degree, and either a secondary firing mode or the option to use the iron sights has been added. Seven new guns have been added into the game as well. One such gun was one that shields Ford by collecting any bullets fired at him, then blasting them out at the hapless foes in front of him. Think the Mech from District 9. One weapon the community asked for was a scoped sniper rifle, and this has also been added. Naturally these will all be present in the game's multiplayer mode, which now includes a perk system similar to Call of Duty's, except perks can be unlocked in the single player mode as well.

Something many people wanted to know was whether or not Conduit 2 would support the Wii Motion Plus, and the good news is it does, but it is not necessary to play the game.

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