E3 2010: Crafting Mama Preview

By Nick Young on June 16, 2010, 4:02PM EDT

Majesco are featuring two "ËśMama' games at their E3 booth this year, Crafting Mama and Babysitting Mama for the Nintendo DS and Wii respectively. The Mama, or 'Cooking Mama' franchise is well known for its casual games that draws people in with it's simple gameplay and generally happy atmosphere.

Crafting Mama was the first of the two games we had a look at and just like the other Mama games before it, it consists of a host of mini-games, each riddled with a simple gameplay ideal. Instead of cooking however, Crafting Mama is about much more than just making your everyday meal, players can expect to create an array of objects through sowing, moulding clay, origami, and other various crafts.

A few other features of the game include being able to customise Mama by getting her to wear clothes that may have been created during the game. A scrapbook has also been included in-game to keep a record of every item created and is a nice little feature to keep players wanting to create new things to fill it up.

Crafting Mama will be available later this year, although no set release date was given, the game looked pretty solid so my guess is it won't be long before we hear more about it.

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