E3 2010: Dungeon Siege 3 First Impressions

By Alex on June 25, 2010, 2:39PM EDT

More than a few people were surprised to hear that SquareEnix and Obsidian were taking over the new Dungeon Siege from Gas Powered Games, as well that the game will be adapted for consoles in addition to PC. We checked out the demo the developers had prepared to see what sort of game Dungeon Siege would turn out to be.

One piece of good news is that it looks great! They've implemented "vista views" so when you're overlooking part of a level, it creates almost a fisheye effect, and combined with the blur, it gives the game a very cinematic look. The textures are extremely smooth and detailed, the lighting looks fantastic too, and for PCs it would be a safe bet to say DirectX 11 will be fully supported. All this is even more impressive considering it is a very early build.

While Co op isn't a new feature for Dungeon Siege, Obsidian has added jump-in, jump-out co op which can be done at any time. The camera will then shift to a more neutral view, and back again if you return to single player. One issue they intend to avoid with co op games is that of loot. Each character class has their own specific loot, making it a breeze to determine who gets what. As well, standing on a piece of equipment will show its stats, including rarity and merchant value. While an innovation like this greatly helps the console crowd, there's no word yet on if PCs will have a more "standard" loot system focused on the mouse.

Something fans of past Dungeon Siege games will appreciate is that Chris Taylor (from Gas Powered Games) is overseeing the project, so although the game has a new set of parents, it's still the same, deep down inside.

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