E3 2010: First Look At SAW II: Flesh And Blood

By Nick Young on June 25, 2010, 2:39PM EDT

When the original SAW video game first hit store shelves, gamers merely passed it off as a movie tie-in to cash in on a franchise that currently holds six film titles under its belt. Although this may be true depending on perspective, the game definitely had its moments in the form of set-pieces. SAW is all about the diabolical torture machines that Jigsaw, the franchise's villain, uses to 'test' his victims on whether they deserve to live or die.

SAW 2 uses the same premise. The main character Michael, son of Detective Tapp from the original game, is investigating his father's recent death. As interesting as that was, what makes a game great is the gameplay and with a franchise like SAW, the story was hardly going to be anything more than an excuse to see more gore. The demo that Konami were showing at their booth was purely gameplay, showing off what players could look forward to and what improvements they had made to the original game. As mentioned before, SAW is mostly about the traps and the same is true for the game. Throughout the demo there were traps behind doors which need to be disarmed through the use of QTEs. The original game used a lot of QTEs to bring forward the sense of struggling the character is going through; the same goes for the sequel.

As Michael made his way through the environment it felt important to note that the visuals are really quite impressive. Attention to detail was clearly a priority in the game's design. Unfortunately the use of sound to evoke fear in what is meant to be a horror game was being over-shadowed by another Konami booth, for this reason it is impossible to comment on this aspect but Konami's rep managed to explain that Jigsaw will be mocking the player throughout the game.

The same feature was used in the original game so it is safe to assume that there will be more of the same in the sequel. In regards to the set-pieces players can look forward to, Konami showed off just one involving Michael cutting into his face just below his eye that revealed a key. He needed it to break free from a contraption designed to tear his head off. Fans of SAW may be able to recognise the formula of a basic SAW experience by now and can expect more of that same experience, regardless of how it is delivered.

The game will feature seven levels though only one was shown during the demo. Knowing SAW though, we can look forward to places such as dark basements and run-down warehouses. After asking the Konami rep how long it would take someone to complete the game, they responded with an approximation of around 8 hours. To summarise, the game looks great and has been refined to appeal more to gamers, for SAW fans however, the game will appeal to them simply for more of that classic experience.

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