E3 2010: Ghost Recon Future Soldier Preview

By Jamie Courts on June 16, 2010, 2:05PM EDT

Gaming Union got a chance to take a look at a level of the upcoming Ghost Recon: Future soldier, and now have some details as to what new features are involved in the game, as well as the updates to the stealth aspect of the series that have taken a big leap.

The level involved in the demo shown by Ubisoft was on a small beach, where the Ghosts were suddenly tasked with capturing a live, high priority target protected by an entourage of soldiers, as well as a personal bodyguard unit.

One of the most standout aspect of the new Ghost Recon is the update to the graphics. The demo seemed to show a much crisper looking image than previous games, with less of a heavy filter over the game. The optical camouflage also added a great looking detail to the Ghosts themselves.

Beyond appearance, the optical camouflage also made for a great stealth element in the game. Future soldier seems to have a lot more up close and personal stealth combat as opposed to close quarters shoot outs that previous Ghost Recon games had. Metal Gear Solid comes to mind when looking at how much stealth is involved.

After making the way up the beach and capturing the target, a large battle broke out which showed that even though there is a lot more stealth, there are still a lot of high action moments that involve breakable cover to keep players moving.

The tactical aspect also seems as high as ever, except now with the entire game playable with four layer co-op throughout the entire story. The gameplay seems very promising and it will be interesting to see more of Ghost Recon: Future soldier in the near future.

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