E3 2010: Gran Turismo 5 Hands-On Preview

By Jamie Courts on June 21, 2010, 2:20PM EDT

Gran Turismo 5 is finally on its way with an official release date of November 2, and at E3 2010, Gaming Union got a hands-on look at the highly anticipated racing simulator. The demo that we tried was also in 3D with the Driving Force Pro racing wheel.

The 3D version of the game looked good, with a solid framerate and smooth animation that made the track sort of pop out as you race. Although the 3D does add a bit, it's also not really an essential part of the experience. The 2D mode looks just as good with an almost photo realistic appearance and it won't really affect how the game is played overall since the 3D effect is fairly minor anyway.

The wheel aspect of the game is one thing that brings the simulation to a great level of detail. Without the wheel, the game still responds well and does okay for anyone who wants to play with assists or for fun, but for the full simulation enthusiast, the wheel is almost an integral part of the game. Rack and pinion steering with full force feedback is supported, and makes the game feel very realistic when steering over different types of track.

However players choose to play, there is still a lot to do in Gran Turismo 5. The variety being offered in the game is also an incredible feat for a racing simulator. Gran Turismo 5 offers the standard GT racing that Gran Turismo players have come to know and love, but it also offers official WRC and NASCAR racing to essentially suit almost every discipline of racing.

One of the new aspects shown in the demo was the dynamic day and night cycle that makes for intense off road racing. When nightfall comes, the lights coming from the car are almost the only source of light to see the track ahead. The effect of the lighting is fantastic, with shadow effects on pretty much everything including the surface of the road.

One thing that is yet to be seen is the multiplayer aspect of the game. So far everything else seems amazing and multiplayer will be the icing on the cake. Hopefully Gran Turismo 5 will deliver in all aspects and be well worth the long wait. As for now we'll have to wait and see.

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